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Declaration of Rebellion

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1. Who would count it?!?!


2. Ori'jate


3. Vibrosword or Lightsaber?


4. What time does the show come on PBS...I mean Cartoon Network?


5. 5 minutes of awesome > 30 minutes of pain and suffering


6. I will indeed let my hate flow


7. Oh I've got some things in mind...


8. They made a tv show?


9. Slow and painful or slow and painful?


CyborgNinja :cyb2::ninja2:

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Declaration of Rebellion


1. You must accept the Clone Wars show as non-canon.


2. Honor RC and the Mandalorians and see them as warriors with honor and not mindless easily killed badguys.


3. Kill Ahsoka.


4. You can still watch the Clone Wars show but just to see exactly how they ruined Star Wars.


5. You could watch the '03 series as an alternative to the Clone Wars show if you have it on DVD.


6. Hate the Clone Wars show.


7. Contribute stuff to the Rebellion that makes fun of the Clone Wars show.


8. Remember Star Wars for what it really is and not some kiddy show.


9. Also did I mention Kill Ahsoka.




I, Official Varsity Puppet Combat, do solemnly swear to hate Ahsoka Tano, The Clone Wars TV show and all canon established by the aforementioned show. In addition to this, I will support my Mandalorian friends in reclaiming their stolen past and erasing the Duchess Satine from the slate of existence.


To display my undying passion for the above stated, I will create epic art depicting either gruesome deaths of these stupid characters or any other hilarious scenarios that come to mind.

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