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Alright, I'll go first then.... I'm starting a Shadowrun 2e campaign with some friends -and 'running' a shadowrun RP here, check the Dantooine Theatre company if interested.... :D


Anyway, the one with my friends is pretty basic, just a teaser in order to get them interested in the game.


The gist of it is that their team is hired by a Mitsuhama Corporation representative to 'convince' Doctor Jame Phi of the rival Brucci corporation to halt his resarch into bio chips, 'convince' him to follow them and join Mitsuhama or, if all else fails, eliminate the problem.


Basic? Yeah.


But, anyway, we're going to expand this into a world wide campaign as opposed to simply in Seattle and the surrounding areas once it gets moving with any appreciable steam...

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^me likes :D


Shadow Marked:


This takes place in about 1000 ABY. the characters find a genohariden assasin. this assasin "decides" to help them with their missions. what they don't know is that this assasin is marked with the nightsisters blood. he ends up causing a lot of trouble with the characters... i can't go too far into this because i have a player on these forums <_<

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