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Contest! (Create your own character!!!!!)

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This contest is for anyone who wants to create a character that will appear in my mod! (You must voice him/her though) They will NOT be a party member however (possibly temperarily) but will accompany you on the Ebon Hawk. Here is what you should do.....


name: ________

gender: _______

class: (Jedi Sentinal, Guardian, Watchman, Consular, Technician, Soldier, Scout, Scoundral, Hunter, Jedi Outcast)

alignment: (LS, DS, GS)

(tell us if he/she will follow you in DS ending LS ending or both)

(tell us if he/she is force sensitive)

bio: (give a brief des.)

pic: give us a picture of your character!)




1st place: Whoever's character's name is drawn will become a major character in my mod!


2nd place: whoever's character is drawn second will become a minor character in my mod


3rd place: whoever's character is drawn last will make a cameo in my mod.


Everybody is a winner: If you didn't win, its ok, there will be more contests! You still did a great job. Your character may be a soldier or a citizen in the mod if they are needed. You may even still be able to voice his/her minor lines!

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name: Tenneth Carson

gender: Male

class: Scoundrel

alignment: LS

I'd only want him to make a cameo appearance, like on a holovid, or signing autographs somewhere.. lol

Force Sensitive

bio: 15 year old Swoop Racer from Onderon

pic: You know what he looks like, if not, look at the NJO social group




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meh i cant design a guy but i dont want him to have a face in K1 theres a Iridonian Mercenary on the UTC file its lite_spaceman thats the apperence i want)


Name: Jal'ak Gen'ora

Gender: Male

Class: Hunter

Allignment : DS (But follows down both like canderous)

(You can choose if he's Force sensitive cause i dont if you have alot of jedi's then no)

Bio: A famous Hunter who has a Rep for Exterminating entire species after being arrest for War crimes during the Mando Wars (He was a Hired Gun that helped wipe out the Cathar people) After being released two years ago he staraight away started hunting again. He got his thrill of hunting when he got his first kill at age 5 when he shot his father, then his mother and last his sister (He only tells you that if you DS too)]


After you find him hunting somthing on (You choose a planet) he fights you. you spare him and he joins



meh i cant design a guy but i dont want him to have a face in K1 theres a Iridonian Mercenary on the UTC file its lite_spaceman thats the apperence i want) (google Iridonian Mercenary and look at the yellow guy)

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Heh I always got confused with this also. TDM what Holty is talking about is an Iridonian (you would recognize one) and Bao-Dur is an Iridorian (or something very similar like that). They are completely different. If Holty wins I want dibs on skinning him! Cool idea.

Here's mine I just now thought up because I would feel worthless of I had no ideas:


Name: Dak Drexl (naturally :D)

Gender: Male

Class: Soldier

Not force Sensitive

Alignment: Neutral

-Will follow you down a dark path or be redeemed to the light

Dak Drexl was once a member of the jedi council. He and his master were sent on a mission to Mandalore (can't think of a mission right now). They were found by the native mandalorians and were immediately attacked; Dak's master was killed amidst the fighting and drove Dak into a fury - he killed so many mandalorians that they stopped the fighting out of respect to their worthy opponent and attempt to befriend him due to his combat prowess. Dak becomes enthralled by the Mandalorian way of life and the Mandalorian code. He cuts off his own connection to the force and has lived as a Mandalorian ever since.

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Here's something:


Name: Te'chan Fett (or Vhett in the Mando'a language)

Gender: Male

Class: Mercenary

Aligment: DS (Like Canderous)

(He will follow you down both paths, like Canderous.)

(He is not force sensetive.)

Bio: Te'chan was bred in the Mando'ade (Mandalorian) clans since he was a chiild. A survivor of the Mandalorian Wars, he, similarly to Kelborn, respected the Jedi. He admires anyone who beats him on the battlefield. Instead of hate he studies, practices and trains until the next time, so he won't be beaten. He can be found on the planet, Dxun. He will engage into a fight with you. If you beat him, he will respect you, and after a while, he will eventually join you.

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Well,mine will bi called Tennarz Kannar,approx 34,fought in both Mandalorian and Jedi Civil war,LS,respectiv,to warriors,since he understands their code of honor,but is also very compasion about all lifeforms.Very skilfull with the machines,articulary with the utility droids,and space ships.Likes very much to go to the tracks,and even to more racing himself.He even(long ago-Before Revan,and Exile) tried contest on Telos,but...

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