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Ok, here is who will be playing everyone for the mod so far.



Carth Onasi: Raphael Sbarge


Bastila Shan: Jen Hale


Casuss Fett: Caleb Behrens


Filio'd Ordo: Jacob Swartz (Your's truly)


Canderous Ordo: Paul Swartz (My grandfather)


Kala Ordo: Beatrice Miller (child voice actress, plays Molly Davis in the upcoming Disney film Toy Story 3)


Zayne Carrick: Caleb Behrens


Lord of Peace: Jacob Swartz


Mira: Savannah Guffy


Ben Crass: James Arnold Taylor


Additional men voices: Jacob Swartz, Caleb Behrens, James Arnold Taylor


Additional female: Vicky (I forget her last name, LOL. She is a good friend of Caleb Behrens), Savannah Guffy, Beatrice Miller

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This is a non-paid non profit project. If you and they have to look over their contracts then they (or their agent) thinks that they're being paid.


If you do pay them, expect them to demand at least $500 per person.


Also, I think you should keep this info private until you have actual samples for us to hear, or else people will either question your credibility, or get their hopes up for something that turns out to be a bust.

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I agree that i need to see a contract or samples of their VOs.


I find it hard to believe they would do this since most likely there is a contract with Lucas arts which will prohibit them to voice characters owned by Lucas and when Lucas arts has not given them permission or recognize this project.


I believe its illegal for you to pay people to work on a mod like this.


I highly doubt this will pan through, ..but if it does go job getting them.....but I will call out the elephant in the room which is there has been no updates are showing where this mod is in production or wither it ever left pre-production.


I would say do not focus on VO actors until your near the demo stage.


just my 2 cents...

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