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I think it's time to work on this mod.


Mrcharlton said he was taking a break to do some other projects, but, I've realized that when you do that, you lose motivation. So, lets go. Right. Now.


Also, I know quite a few people who flat out don't believe that Mrcharlton did any modeling, because of the lack of visual evidence. So let's do that. We need to make progress. And Mrcharlton, you'll need to figure out some scripting.

Scripting seemed very daunting to me for a while, but recently I've had to learn some scripting for a secret mod I'm working on right now. For help, I think logan23 and harIII are great mentors, as they've been helping me out a bit. But of course, they're pretty busy, so you'll have to learn some yourself.



So I vote we "officially" get started on this mod, or else it'll fall through the cracks.




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Agreed. So Far i Have Only seen the Progress of Daks Skins.

Darasuum, If you havnt got any Pics of Modules in-Game Yet (Custom Ones) Just take a Screenie of it in the Graphics software.


I Can Help with some Scripts and the Dialogue as well as Using In-Game Modules that Fred Tetre has made Map for +Skinning


Also VP is good with scripts and likes to help :)


Plus JM could you send me a PM with some details about your secret project :) Not too much and im willing to Offer you some Help :)

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