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[KotOR & TSL] Assassin Robes (IN-PROGRESS)

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[KotOR] I thinking of just releasing the skin? Any ideas for this though?


[TSL] [Robes are based off of the robes on Assassin's Creed games. I'm going to make it into a "better mod". (There are an order of assassins and can even join them!) There will be a "R&R" area on the Telos's Citadel Station. You'll talk to a guy in the cantina and he'll take you there. At the Assassin area. (which will be the jek jek tar tunnles module, with the hidden "base"). There you can join them and get the robes, do missions, rest up, and other fun stuff! Participate in a duel or a few (sort of like a dueling circle), training. It will be really fun!

If you have any ideas for the assassination mission, please reply or pm me.





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