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The Monkey Island box set from Limited Run Games


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I wasn't talking about using the technique of exporting 3D models to 2D sprites necessarily, just the fact that 3D models were used in the MI2 SE and people didn't complain about that aspect of the art style. People have complained about some of the character designs, but the MI2 SE Guybrush design in particular draws a lot more praise than criticism, and that's probably the most noticeable 3D model.

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I think the point is exactly that instead: exporting 3D models to 2D sprites pretty much makes it full 2D (just with a different starting point). What's concerning about a Tiller CMI remake is it could be using real time 3D models. Anyway I also think the same approach used for MI2:SE wouldn't work with CMI, as the art direction was much clearer (not necessarily better) because technology allowed it in the mid 90s, and it would look totally off and in contradiction to its hardcore cartoon roots.

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Just don’t replace 2D with 3D. The 2 aren’t interchangeble. You’ll always get a sort of hybrid that sticks out like a sore thumb. (Hence my comparison to the Rescue Rangers trailer.)


CMI’s whole look is based on hand drawn animation, and it works because of it.

If you want to remaster, use 2D. If you want to remake, build a whole new game and make it fully 3D (or claymation for all I care), but don’t use any of the original assets and reïmagine the whole project from ground up.

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I love CMI's art style, but I still think it's wrongheaded to think it couldn't look absolutely beautiful using 3D... albeit in a total remake kind of capacity. Pixar has shown time and again that you can retain all of the beauty of 2D animation in 3D, provided it's done well. And there's lots of different ways of implementing 3D, too.


If you want an example of a beautiful game with 3D characters over 2D background, look no further than my avatar. It's easy to forget that Broken Age featured 3D wired animated models. So again I stress my point: it's all about how it's done. So personally I'm less concerned with the tech and more with how they use it.


Of course, if they decided to stick with a pure traditional 2D art style of CMI, and do more of a remaster, I'd be equally as happy... provided it was done well.


Basically, whatever route they go: Don't eff it up! :)

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On 2/23/2022 at 2:33 PM, ThunderPeel2001 said:

I love CMI's art style, but I still think it's wrongheaded to think it couldn't look absolutely beautiful using 3D... albeit in a total remake kind of capacity.


I think we're all pretty much saying the same thing at this point!


Also, I'd like to clarify that when I'm talking about a 3D characters/2D background mix, I'm referring to stuff like Grim Fandango (which looked great) where it's actual 3D models moving in 3D space, with 2D background art 'pretending' to be a 3D space behind them (or, I suppose, to games with 3D models rendered out as 2D sprites but with no paintover, though I can't immediately think of an adventure game example of this - something like Rise Of The Robots anyway). Not the 'paint over a 3D model to make a 2D sprite' method of MI2:SE (which I thought was a very ugly game) or the 'rigged 2D planes' of Broken Age (which I thought was gorgeous).


Incidentally, here's a good talk on the animation of Broken Age (around 8m10s is a good point to start for exactly where that game lies on the 2D to 3D spectrum):


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On 12/17/2021 at 11:47 PM, ThunderPeel2001 said:

For anyone who wants to see the contents of the book (240 pages, officially known as Monkey Island Chronicles), see here:




(Link may not work? Not sure.)





Hello, I am looking for the book!

I would pay for it, but there is no chance to adquire...

On reddit a guy asked for buy alone, but with no success.


Please, could someone tell me what is the group or user that posted that video on fb? It is not reachable now.


Or someone can post the image relatives to Monkey Island 2 (my favourite game ever!)


Thanks in advance and best regards to all!


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On 4/13/2022 at 6:59 PM, Laserschwert said:

If you'd like to update your Anthology box to include RtMI, I've got you covered:



Just print them out (300 dpi) and stick them on your box!


Get them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Od7I3bVxuQP3j4N6sEItvwcTRR0qHdWW?usp=sharing

I was planning to get them printed out onto an adhesive poster, what is the actual page size I'd need to print them to? Is it just standard A4?

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1 hour ago, Rum Rogers said:

Don't tell me you got it for 8 fucking hundred bucks?! I've seen similar prices on eBay.

Not that much.  😀 But the original $175 was a steal. Even with tax and postage  and errata on the book it's a good deal. 

Voodoo doll should have been included really! 😀

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On 4/23/2022 at 12:17 PM, Rum Rogers said:

Correct, but I'll admit I'd sell a kidney for the promotional voodoo doll made for MI2:SE. If anyone in here has it and wants a spare kidney, I'm here for you folks.

They sell it for $850 on ebay cheapest one. Your kidney is worth much more!

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