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The Monkey Island box set from Limited Run Games


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@ATMachine This was my initial thought too - but I can't seem to find a photo of it online to confirm. The only ones I can seem to even track down are two from this fan solution site where it does look like it says "Badass" not "Bronze". 

image.png image.png 



Seems like a weird thing to change if incorrect.


My PC is in storage at the moment, so I'm not able to boot up the old game to confirm though, so happy to have someone provide the actuals!

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I've made some comments on the twitter post as well, but I wanted to put here some as well.

The Ultimate Insult poster -What a waste of a print. The Monkey Island navigation recipe would be far better received and enjoyed than this marker-scribbled poster of my least favorite of the games. Sure there was humor in that game but jeez, this may as well be the dunce cap. I guess we're lucky it's not the Abomination inventory item. What else could be made from EMI that I would care for, I don't know yet.


The Guybrush statue - While nothing in particular is putting me off of it, it's still not exceptional. I would rather like a Curse version of a Murray skull, as others have also mentioned in tweets.


The Shadowbox, the E Ticket, the disc, all lovely! I'm looking forward to the comprehensive-sounding book.


And I'm not too bothered by the USB drive but it's slightly too easy and low effort.


The black box to cover it all is disappointing.

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Ugh. The Ultimate Insult is a waste of paper. I like Disk 22, though. That's nice touch. A Murray skull statue would be best of all. It's all a bit hit and miss, like the people behind these things don't really understand that not one human being alive would complain that there was nothing EMI related in the box. 

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15 minutes ago, Scummbuddy said:

What else could be made from EMI that I would care for, I don't know yet.


Agree - really surprised this is the choice from EMI. That game had a lot of branding opportunities, but this is what they went with?  I can come up with a bunch of 3D things: The monkey head stein? Or a Starbuckaneers cup?  Something from Planet Threepwood maybe? The Dainty Lady? A bucking manatee? A gubernatorial seal? A mini Mega Monkey or Statue Lechuck? Heck, if it had to be something on paper -  I would rather have the painting of the Harbour Mistress. 


Love your idea for the navigation recipe! 



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I kinda like the Anthology but have some doubts on some of the stuff included



The good:

The pins are awesome and well done

The ticket and Disk are nice touches that show love to the series

I kinda like the shadowbox, not sure how it will be (glass or acrylic?), it seems something fragile and clunky to ship

I don't mind not having the games on disc and I'm OK with the usb drive. I like the logo too but I miss how the original LucasArts logo is nowhere to be found on these re-releases 

The inclusion of all five games. Big fan of Tales


The meh:

The figure looks really weird, I know it's a render, but it seems to be based off the Guybrush from the MI2 remake. I don't know if the remakes are included, I would assume they are, considering the pins.

The art book: I would probably choose a complete, properly done artbook over any of these items, but what is that dark, boring cover?


The bad:

The poster, totally random, and full of mistakes (bronze vs badass) and the monkey with a :D smile instead of its proper mouth. 

It's kinda pricey, I know it includes a lot of stuff, but I'm not sure we need it all.


The worst:

The lack of art on any of the covers for the games. Apparently they couldn't get the hi res art due to the pandemic:



But we know they know about @Laserschwert 's work and they even used it for the previous release. Also it kinda worries me about the contents of the art book, but they are saying a lot of work was put into it.


Also, what would the "books" for each game include, if there are no discs and we are getting a separate artbook?

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I'm taking impish delight in the frustrations from the EMI-hating contingent, though sleeping on CMI is an odd choice, and I'm guessing that of all the people in this world who wanted a resin Guybrush in their homes, exactly zero of them were hoping it would be in the image of one of his Special Edition designs.

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Oh I don't hate EMI at all, it's not a great game, but the community was really active around the time of it's release and I have some fond memories of that time. I would've loved a poster of the alternative cover from the game (silly Guybrush) or even the PS2 version cover art. 


And about the figure, it has been done before with the Special Edition and it looked great:



I know it's more expensive, but the render so far looks like one of those 3D printed models floating around the internet. I hope the people at LRG prove me wrong 

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If the games are on the USB drive, what's in the 5 volumes in the slipcase on the left?


I wish it was possible to buy the behind-the-scenes book without the collectables. The Photoshop mangling of the box art on the Certificate of Authenticity doesn't inspire confidence in the book design, but apparently it's got a lot to it.



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7 hours ago, Sopabuena said:

Oh I don't hate EMI at all, it's not a great game

I normally don't wanna go OT, but I will just this one time.

I can't argue with those who consider EMI to be a messed up entry in the MI series.
Due to all the issues it has I can't even argue with those who consider it a sub-par entry in the MI series.
But I can pretty much argue with those who say it's not a great game: if you take it for what it is - a graphic adventure - I can't see many adventures today that even come close to EMI's standards. It's the last high budget graphic adventure ever (or so it seems, unless I'm proven wrong), and it has great puzzles, humor, musical score...

Not sure what's not great about EMI outside of it being a bad sequel, that is as a game.

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