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The Monkey Island box set from Limited Run Games


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20 hours ago, Romão said:

How do fellow Europeans plan to buy this? Because with a 170$ price tag, plus 60$ for shipping, plus the pretty much unavoidable customs fees for such a bulky box, we're looking at a 300$ plus investment


I understand the $60 fee includes customs charges? Or so I saw someone say.

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I would like this one, but I would not even dare to open in case I would regret that after 20 years if the value will be huge with a sealed one. And buying two of them would be too expensive and also quite greedy because someone else may want one. I'll skip this one!

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Limited Run Games has sent out an update today to those who purchased this MI Anthology.




All we’re waiting on now is final approval for the completed 160+ page anniversary book and the hand-signed certificate of authenticity by series creator Ron Gilbert. That’s right, hand-signed! There are roughly 10,000 of these for Ron to sign. That’s a lot of certificates to get through for one person, so we’re sending Ron our energy! 


Wow, umm, that's a crazy amount of signatures to be putting on a person. That's also holding up work Ron could be doing on their next game. If a signature takes 5 seconds, that extrapolates out to just under 14 hours of labor PLUS he can't use his hand to type on a keyboard for maybe a week.


I'm sorry Ron!

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Agreed. That's insane. Still by my rough calculations you could do it in five, extremely boring and carpel tunnel syndrome inducing, hours. (I timed myself writing 40 signatures in one minute.)


Ron's too smart to agree to something like that, though? Is he going to stamp them or something instead?

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