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The Monkey Island box set from Limited Run Games

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That ultimate insult poster is so ridiculously bad, what did that take a non-artist like 5 seconds to doodle it out (and also somehow think the word 'badass' was in a monkey island game?) It made me s

Looks like the LRG website still uses my version of the box:   The gold around the logo and the Anthology subtitle were supposed to be stamped gold foil.

This is going to be great. I think you'll like what this is turning into.

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20 hours ago, Romão said:

How do fellow Europeans plan to buy this? Because with a 170$ price tag, plus 60$ for shipping, plus the pretty much unavoidable customs fees for such a bulky box, we're looking at a 300$ plus investment


I understand the $60 fee includes customs charges? Or so I saw someone say.

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I would like this one, but I would not even dare to open in case I would regret that after 20 years if the value will be huge with a sealed one. And buying two of them would be too expensive and also quite greedy because someone else may want one. I'll skip this one!

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