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Look what I found hiding upstairs


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At some point we want to get the Mixnmojo Games Database rebuilt, and exhaustive galleries of packaging art would be a big part of that. Just throwing that out there because if we've got people with LucasArts game collections, good scanners, and an uncommon generosity with their free time, we want to get all the mileage we can out of it. ;


Speaking of which, is anybody in touch with Freddie of The Lucasarts Museum fame these days?

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I have a German copy of CMI which came with a nice manual PDF:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rrWbxzphYnHKHvwLZGJ0YxBxJnf27IM0/view?usp=sharing (EDIT: fixed permissions, hopefully)

It seems to be stored as a JPG but with some weird colourspace, so here's a PNG version copy/pasted out of a PDF viewer.


There's also a surprisingly hi-res version of the Monkey Island picture from the opening FMV, but the PNG's too big to attach here.

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