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The archaeological discoveries of the LucasArts projects

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2 hours ago, Bagge said:

It’s pretty mind-boggling that LucasFilm games never did a Star Wars adventure game, but could have made a Star Trek one.


According to Noah Falstein (and plenty others LucasFilm Games alumni), mostly everyone was fond of Star Trek at that time in the studio. And concerning Star Wars, there was some various proposal for an adventure games but none has been validated.

I remember that Mark Ferrari put some SW Adventure Games art on his website. But when I asked where it came from, he answered me that it was just a proposal from an outside company that wanted to pitch a SW game. The project was never really considered...


UkJ6WWa.jpg X4pHdYC.jpg


Qsw1RXR.jpg hqNJ8Mw.jpg

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A Star Wars adventure game would have been really interesting, but I feel like we might have been stuck with just Star Wars adventure games instead of all the original IP's if they ever started down that road. Still, that second screenshot in particular makes me very curious about what might have been.


That UI is crazy though! It's hard to imagine how it would have actually been played. Seems pretty different from what we're used to in the other games.

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From Noah Falstein Facebook.

Terryl Whitlatch's drawings of the intelligent alien race in Falstein's version of the Dig (circa 1990).

Whitlatch will later design Sebulba or Jar Jar Binks for Geoge Lucas in SW Episode 1.



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