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Your LucasArts (& co.) collection!

Rum Rogers

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30 minutes ago, Laserschwert said:

I'll get back to that offer. Life's a bit busy right now, but eventually I'd like to re-do a few of the posters with the better tools we've got over the years.

I'm a huge fan of your work so this sounds great 😁 I'll stick a photo of the rest of my collection up in this thread at some point, so if there's anything you'd like me to scan just let me know when the time comes. 


Same for anyone else who has any projects in mind. 

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I’ve been following Mojo for a looooong time now, but never felt the urge to participate in the forums.


Recently I “finished” my classic Lucasfilm/Lucasarts Adventure collection and here are some pictures.


But actually I only thought that it was finished. After kind of “missing” looking on ebay for LEC stuff I just bought a boxed copy of X Wing 🙂





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I found active ebay auctions of some of these items, so I don’t have to start digging out my chaotically arranged items.


The Monkey Island Special is a compilation of MI1 + 2 from Germany




and the Lucasfilm Games books are German hint books




The Fate of Atlantis thing is not a real collectors item. It’s a selfmade paperback book of Dale Dassels brilliant FOA novelization. I had been following his project right from the start but always kept myself from reading it on a computer or tablet screen. And when he finally completed it, I used Laserschwerts poster and other box scans to create a cover resembling the classic box. For me that was a fitting way to finally read the novelization and it was a nice Christmas present for some of my childhood Lucasarts buddies. If you are interested I can upload some pictures of it later. But as I said, it’s not a real collector’s item.


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2 hours ago, Bounce said:

...But as I said, it’s not a real collector’s item.


It is now! ;)


(Update: And for others, I found some sites with not the complete book, but here is seemingly a complete edition of Dale Dassels FOA novelization. https://www.deviantart.com/whipwarrior/art/Indiana-Jones-and-the-Fate-of-Atlantis-697644342

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Here are some pictures of my book. And here is my version of the cover that I uploaded for the printing




Dale also had some great artwork done (with Julianne Moore as Sophia Hapgood) but I wanted to go with the classic box art.


And here is another Link to the complete novel (I don’t know if it’s the same as in your link scummbuddy. I didn’t register.)



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Found this mix in my parents garage. I will unpack it later but it contains some old Adventurer issues (mostly duplicates of the same few issues), some Monkey Island 1 and 2 marketing one sheets, and an amazing Zak McKracken nose glasses display and giveaway contest form. 

Also found this LucasArts 20th anniversary mug. 




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What exactly are those marketing one-sheets?


Also I'm curious about the quality of the Steve Purcell MI1 paintings in the Adventurer (issue #1 and especially #2) as the scans available online suffer from severe color shifting on some of them.



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Finally got around to cleanup up my collection somewhat, one thing I was wondering for @Laserschwert, is are there any plans to do more Sierra Adventure game gameboxes actually? I personally am more a LucasArts fan to be clear and love the boxes so far, but as I do own a few Sierra boxes that could be scanned, I figured i'd ask 🙂





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