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Your LucasArts (& co.) collection!

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Found this mix in my parents garage. I will unpack it later but it contains some old Adventurer issues (mostly duplicates of the same few issues), some Monkey Island 1 and 2 marketing one sheets, and

Ok, very messy photos and I'm really still unboxing everything that was up in the attic of my parents place all these years. Some other stuff still in boxes and unfortunately lost some things in my la

I have a pretty good collection. It's mainly comprised of actual relics from my childhood, a stack of big boxes I acquired on ebay circa 2001, when you could still get a full original boxed copy of Lo

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I'm glad you brought those shirts up. Recently on eBay there had been a DOTT Tri-Box and two excellent shirts for sale.


  • A Day of the Tentacle shirt was also recently sold (but I can no longer find the link (ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-VTG-90s-DAY is all I still have of the URL)). I think it sold for less than $200, but I could be wrong. It's a shirt sporting a graphic of the trio and Green Tentacle in a pose I don't recall seeing before, and I used to run Maniac Zombies. I am currently/sporadically working to vectorize the artwork for archiving.
  • The Monkey Island 1 long-sleeved shirt just sold for a whopping $676 dollars by 11 different bidders.









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I wonder if the pandemic has caused all these rare items to become available? I've not seen the t-shirts for sale ever. That's a pretty beat-up DOTT box, though. And I could swear it had a CD sleeve rather than a jewel case but I could easily be mistaken about that. 

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Lucasarts Museum shows it as a slipcover too


Ive always wanted the triangle box but had no idea how flimsy it was. One day ill likely track one down but at least now i wont be surprised and disappointed when it shows... or this is a knock of or a reproduction at lower quality... now im of the mind that i may contact other collectors that have this that can confirm

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It's funny you bring up the jewel case vs the sleeve. I recently was going through some items and found that I have somehow acquired two CD copies of DOTT - one with the jewel case and one with the sleeve. I don't know when I got a second version or how, because I originally had bought only the triangle box - and yes, the flimsiness in the photo above seems comparable in quality to mine.  

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Ok, very messy photos and I'm really still unboxing everything that was up in the attic of my parents place all these years. Some other stuff still in boxes and unfortunately lost some things in my last move.










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Just a quick shot of my condensed collection, many of the boxes hold multiple copies and various schwag. eventually ill make a more detailed post but considering a lot of that I got from a mixnmojo contest in the first place it wouldn't be much new. I still have the envelope and letter from Gabez 🙂 its in one of the copies of the classic adventures bundle 🙂


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Hey guys, I'd like to put up another request for scanning a few items for the poster project. Currently I am especially looking for material from the earlier Lucasfilm/Activision titles, "Koronis Rift" and "The Eidolon".


Both were released on floppy and on cassettes, but the cassette cases usually are too small to provide a high quality artwork. "Koronis Rift" at least had a big-box floppy release on C64 in Europe, which provides a rather large, clean version of Terry Hoff's artwork:


Strangely though there seems to be another version of the floppy release, with a cropped version of the art:


The US release seems to offer the highest quality of the artwork though and could be extended and cleaned up with the European box:


A magazine ad that's probably the biggest reproduction of the artwork, unfortunately it's cropped. But a proper scan of this still might be extremely useful:


For Ken Macklin's artwork from "The Eidolon" things are a bit more complicated, as none of the boxes provide the full image. I'd need several scans to reconstruct a somewhat usable version.


US C64 (though mostly identical for other platforms):




Plus some magazine ads that would help a lot (once properly scanned):
theeidolon_1986_2b.jpg   eidolon_large.jpg


So if anybody here can help out, let me know!

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I recently picked up something that I highly doubt anyone else here has, as I'm probably the only person crazy enough to do so.


They are Pogo (bootleg Lego) figures of the Telltale versions of Bane, Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Joker (and John Doe), Mr. Freeze, and The Riddler.


I ordered them back in November, and they finally arrived this month (since they shipped from China). I wasn't sure what to expect, since I read that Lego bootlegs by Pogo can vary hugely in quality from awful to just as good as the Lego figures.


Now that they've arrived, I can happily report that the Telltale figures are firmly in the latter camp. Surprisingly, Pogo Batman's cape is actually of sturdier material than that of the official Lego Batman figure in the Lego Dimensions starter pack.


I plopped down $1-$2 a pop on these bootleg figures, but I feel I got my money's worth. I mean, they came in plastic bags and likely won't gain anything in value since they're bootlegs, but the figures are actually really well made.

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