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Rum Rogers

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I thought something was “off” in that Fox Kids one, but now I see it was the colouring. It’s way better in the one Steve sold himself.

Did he completely repaint it? Because it looks like the same inking was used.

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Guys, look what I've found ... so funny:




This is an official postcard by the publisher Softgold in Germany. Look at his face ... he is smiling. 😄

I have lots of promo material here but it's always the face from the box art.

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On 3/2/2021 at 4:00 PM, TRS said:

As we are already talking about high prices … 😄


From my postings you can see that I’m a big collector of that awesome merchandise stuff from LucasArts. I’m currently still looking for the „Day of the Tentacle cap“ – the last thing I miss in my dott collection. As I have a personal story with the game it would be great to get this one day.


I have amazing merchandise stuff from the 90s available to swap (e.g. Curse of Monkey Island Sweatshirt, Sam & Max pins from '92 Comic Con, etc.), but also budget if this fits better and I could offer $1.000 for the cap.


So if anyone here has it or knows someone who has it I would be very happy to get a pm. 😊


Hi guys!


Let me increase my offer up to $ X.

And for anyone who can give me some helpful advice that will lead me to buy the cap, I would offer $X as well.


Thanks in advance for your support. 😊

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As you all know the amount of new LucasArts related merch is pretty low, so sometimes you have to look into the bootleg/unofficial territory. 
Recently a bootleg release or DOTT’s OST on vinyl caught my eye, so I had to get it.

The thing is clearly the product of love and dedication:

Photos are not mine, but they are the most representative of what I got



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5 hours ago, Laserschwert said:

Without seeing the art up close, my only gripe would be that the green record's label isn't yellow. It doesn't necessarily look like an official release (too much art plastered on it), but a well-made fan release.

A shocking oversight! Time to press some fresh records.

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Interesting ... I didn't know that the Rebel Assault 2 baseball cap was also available with a green visor ... never seen it before. I only have the one in navy but it's also a very nice item 🙂



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