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LucasArts Posters: The Revenge


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@LaserschwertHere is a scan of my Kixx box for Zak.


I tried to put some weight into the box lid to flatten it out so it would scan without being blurry. I also covered it in dark material. Let me know if it's still problematic and I can re-scan.


I also re-scanned the manual from this edition.


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Thanks for both scans, I'll see if I can put the to good use. Unfortunately your scanner seems to have a few problems:


Besides a bit of oversharpening and somewhat high contrast, it seems to have trouble keeping a constant speed (which is why the halftone dots alternate between being stretched and compressed, forming a wavy pattern), plus it has some stitching artifacts, which look like skipped lines or columns. However, it's still good to have these scans!

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