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LucasArts Posters: The Revenge


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5 minutes ago, Laserschwert said:

I took the liberty to replace whatever font was used on the game's official poster and used Univers Condensed instead, to match the movie poster. The TTF doesn't quiiiite fit, but with some tinkering it looked good enough.

Seems like the correct choice. 

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I love this thread, I've been lurking for a long long while. 

Today's the day I finally ask the question I've been meaning to for like... months. @LaserschwertYou seem to be THE biggest brain in terms of box art assets used in Lucasarts games. I was wondering if you had any idea where one could find this map texture used for the Hit the Road box and manuals (scan found on mobygames.com)


I know it has got to be a full map because it's also in the background of this promotional picture here :large.1438738575_SamMaxHittheRoad.jpg.56


It's okay if you don't know but I thought I might as well give it a shot, you seem to be the expert in the topic.
Do tell me if this is intrusive, I'll gladly delete this post if it diverts the conversation from its original topic.

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1 hour ago, Lagomorph01 said:

I wonder if a LucasArts designer didn’t just buy a random 1992 highway map and put that under a scanner. Might be a long search.


See, I thought the same thing but I just couldn't find the exact same map with the same colors, highway signs and points of interests anywhere. 😔

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I think you’re both right that it would be a needle in a haystack, though I think more specifically than a highway map, It looks like it might be pulled out of a road atlas. It’s a pretty tight region so I figured someone flipped through a big driving atlas and found some appealing pages. A big road atlas with maps of different scales would be the right prop for a cross country road trip too. I’ve looked through online scans of road atlases, hoping that they weren’t significantly updated between the late 80s and mid 90s so there’d be something online that was a close fit, but haven’t found it. 

There are unfortunately one zillion of them, it was a common item to buy and chuck in the back pocket of a passenger seat pre-internet. There are big brands like Rand McNally and AAA and also just an infinite collection of smaller ones like this. It would be a borderline impossibly wide search I think. 

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I've added four posters for Back to the Future: The Game to the thread.




(Uploading the posters to Mojo is bugged at the moment, so right now these are linking to my GoogleDrive)


Ah, the heck with it. German versions as well:



This is the logo I grew up with. One of the most amazing localizations of a movie's logo, imho. Thanks to @TheHutt for rebuilding and sharing it!

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10 minutes ago, TimeGentleman said:


Why do you say that, out of interest? Because more care and effort was put in than most logo localizations?

Yeah, it's more complex than most other movie logos, with the arrow element being integrated into the title, plus, being airbrushed for most uses, instead of being a plain two-tone shape, like Star Wars, so putting in the work to match that look isn't something that's usually done. Also, the German logo has the advantage of having the first line end in a K as well, which already allows for a cleaner use of the arrow (only the Croatian version had that luxury).


The effort put into the localized logos varies wildly too:


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Hi there, Long time Lurker checking in.


Firstly major respect to Laserschwert, thank you for your perseverance and especially thank you for the work on the new Monkey Island posters, it's literally made a dream come true! :) How can I buy you a beer?


The talk about the background maps on S&M made me want to try and use my google-fu and I think I may have found something, at least the publisher, if not the year of the map used.


I think it's from a Gousha Interstate Road Atlas. Now I can only see the first couple of pages on an Archive.org version (it's some silly PDF rental thing!?); but looking at the fonts, colours of lettering, the highway number logos etc I'm pretty convinced it's probably the source. WDYT?






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Holy crap, that's some grade A detective work. I don't like beer, but that map surely is the next best thing that I DO like. Thanks a lot!


Edit: Looks like you can just "borrow" it online for free. Unfortunately it's not identical:




The design is definitely the same, so it's probably the right publisher, but the wrong edition/year. But this brings us a lot closer! If someone on the team just scanned one he had in his glovebox, it might be a few years older even. For example, this one seems to be missing Interstate 88 south of Rockford (at least in this overview map).


Granted, if we used this to rebuild the HTR background, I don't think anyone would notice.

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58 minutes ago, Lagomorph01 said:

Whoa! Welcome to the forums, @Crumb! You sure know how to make that first post count! Respect!

 Hey no worries! I like challenges like this one :)


Is it something that's been looked for previously? or just since yesterday?

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1 minute ago, Laserschwert said:

Apart from a quick Google search I haven't looked into this before. So this is great! We are getting closer :)

I'm pleased I could pin down the map maker to give something back, definitely better than a beer you don't like or want ! 😅

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