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LucasArts Posters: The Revenge


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15 hours ago, Laserschwert said:

It looks like people like your stuff, so it might make sense to move it to a dedicated thread, so it doesn't get buried in this one.

Thank you for the suggestion I will be doing that :), I kind of forgot this is mostly a forum and had this topic as an only posters pin.

By the way, while I was looking at some cover art I found an artist which has a couple of pieces you might find useful as a source for your AI training (I actually don't know enough about how that works), so here is the link for one of his pieces:

I also found this Loom cover, I can't remember if it was mentioned before but I don't remember seeing it at all, I think it's an FM town version.

And I also found about a Fate of Atlantis comic book mini-series that was released back in 1992 with great cover art (not sure if those covers are made by the same artist as the game's cover), I don't know if you guys knew about those 😛



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Thanks, I already have a scan of the Loom FM-Towns cover, so I'll deal with that at some point. The FOA comic book covers were painted by Dave Dorman, as opposed to William Eaken, who painted the game's cover. They are a slightly out of scope for this project, at least as long as there are bigger fish to fry.


On the upside, here's another round of begging for scans. With the recent find of the photo of the original "Outlaws" painting (yeah, I only found a photo, not the painting itself), I think I'll tackle that one next. I'm still missing a good 600 dpi scan of a (good condition) Outlaws box. Both the US release and the UK "LucasArts Classics" release would be of interest, as both have relatively little text on them:

27128-outlaws-windows-front-cover.jpg 330385-outlaws-windows-front-cover.png

Furthermore, there's a double-page ad for the game in issue #38 of the US magazine PC Gamer (July 1997), which might be useful as well:



Anybody able to help out?

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