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Maniac Mansion Mania

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Did you know Maniac Mansion Mania? It's an AGS-based fangame series created by Maniac Mansion fans with the goal of giving new life and extending this historic videogame. The series has an episodic structure so that every author can contribute by adding his story to the universe of Maniac Mansion. Also, there are many resources publicly available for everyone to participate.

The project was started by the same group of fans behind Maniac Mansion Deluxe and The New Adventures of Zak Mckracken and now the series has reached its 100th episode, not counting special, mini and extra episodes.

Sadly, most of them are only available in german, with less than 20 translated to english. A few years ago, we at Monkey Island World started to translate them to italian. Today however, thanks to one of our newest formum-mates, we are (well, it's just me, but you know what I mean, right?) here to announce the release of the english translation of...


Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 31
Britney's Quest

Original title: Britney's Suche

Author: Rulaman (Maniac Mansion Mania)
English translation: gspit1124 (Monkey island World)
Italian translation: Giocherellone, utdefault (Monkey Island World)
Betatest: utdefault
Languages: German, Italian, English



The Bernoulli siblings are (in)famous for their relationship made of pranks, teases and spites. This time Bernard has forbidden his sister to enter the attic and open a certain box.
Do you think Britney would agree? Well, on one hand there's curiosity, on the other the will to do exactly the opposite of what her brother told her… There's no way she will keep calm and quiet.


The translated game can be downloaded here.
You can find the source code here.
Here is the translation thread, for requests, questions and comments.


(and don't worry, gspit1124 is a native english speaker, unlike me ;) )


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The Monkey Island World is pleased to present the Russian AND Italian translations of ye olde


Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 1

Sibling Love

Original title Geschwisterliebe

Author: LucasFan (Maniac Mansion Mania)

Languages: German, English, Italian, Russian

English translation: Jason Harang

Italian translation: Pippo Calogero, Blackmonkey, utdefault (Monkey Island World)

Betatest: utdefault

Russian translation: Sledgy (AGS forum)

Russian Betatest & GUI+Fonts: Uka, Alex ASP (Questzone.ru)

Source code rebuilding: utdefault

Technical tips: Pippo Calogero (Monkey Island World) - Crimson Wizard, Sledgy (AGS forum) - Uka, Alex ASP (Questzone.ru)









Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga fan-series has a beginning...

(Too much?)



This first episode shows us Bernard's house for the first time and introduces the character of Britney Bernoully, his sister, and their idyllic "sibling love" relationship!


The game can be downloaded  here, and the source code here.

Here is the translation thread, for requests, questions and comments.



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I remember when the Maniac Mansion Mania project appeared something like fifteen years ago. I lost track after the first handful, but I admired the plucky ingenuity of the whole thing. The idea of enthusiasts carving out this homegrown framework for making bite-sized adventure games using recycled Maniac Mansion themed assets was so weird and cool...sort of a fan game precursor to Telltale.


That it is apparently still going on is something to behold. I wonder if any of these "graduates" of the MMM "academy" went on to work in the industry?

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