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Mike Stemmle livestream


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I thought this was great! 


I especially enjoyed his discussion about Sam and Max: Freelance Police - which I admittedly didn't know too much about. Also, I didn't realize that so much of it was done at time of cancellation. Wild. 


Also, Mike showed up in the chat before he appears on screen (29:45). I really liked the wording of his response to a question about the commercialism theme of EMI and what drove that decision. I'm betting some people missed it because they skipped forward so, see below: 



33:55 - mstemmle: A cynical answer would be that the theme of commercialism fell out of the fact that we were acutely aware that we were making the fourth game in a series that had reasonably wrapped up its story with the third game, so we steered into the inherent crassness of milking the license by hanging a lampshade on it. But, I don't think we were that clever :) It's equally possible that we stumbled upon the name "Planet Threepwood" and everything just kind of came together from there.



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