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Telltale's Sam & Max games getting remastered


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5 hours ago, Scummbuddy said:

@jake Just letting you know that I just received a SkunkApe email about getting the game at 50%, but unfortunately was sent to my Junk email.

Thanks for the heads up!


That’s not a surprise unfortunately. We were sending to a mailing list that’s over 10 years old and has over a 10% bounce rate. Not much we can do! We won’t keep emailing that list of course, it’s ancient and it’d be rude. If you sign up for new mailings from us (when claiming your key) it’ll be on a different list from that and probably not as spamworthy. 

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1 minute ago, Bennyboy said:

I've hidden the off topic post. Everyone keep it on topic and keep it nice please.


Nice. Censor the person who is being accused, given the middle finger, and has written nothing offensive. Slightly ironic. But fine, I am not participating in this travesty anymore. Merry Christmas Bennyboy, and the rest of you.


Back on topic.

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First, those are fan costumes. 

Second, the official one was owned by JoWood/The Adventure Company (which I believe is now part of THQ Nordic). We shipped the costume to Gamescom direct from SDCC and never saw it again. 

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Oh right, the legit one still has Sam as the main body, holding Max in a headlock that may-or-may-not be hand controlled as well?


And that's a little sad, but thank for the trip down memory lane. :)

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Remember those great parody trailers that were originally made for the Season 2 episodes? Based on what was done for Season 1 I'm sure Skunkape will be collating all that stuff on their own YouTube channel, but in the meantime:



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