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Something someone noticed about the Mandalorian you probably already know


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And first let me say no I'm not hijacking to star wars lol, The VFX crew for the Mandalorian have a great name...


Important Looking Pirates!


And looking at their contact page on their website confirms the Monkey Island reference!


I probably should have just searched as I'm sure you guys are fully aware of this lol


EDIT: I am apperently an undereducated boob as apperently they have been involved with star wars for a while. Yay I got to learn something new today! lol




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uneducated boobery
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EDIT: I am more of a boob lol as Mark's screenshot is what I seen to promp me to look this up in the first place. Thoroughly egg faced



This thread on Twitter even got tims attention. Yes Mark A Sandford from Facebook 🙂 either you and I had the same late moment of discovery at the same time or you seen this post and shared 🙂 glad it was a surprise for someone though 🙂

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Thoroughly egg faced
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Fair 🙂 in my original post on the Lucasarts Adventure Fans #monkey-island discord I did mention i found the original credits screenshot on Twitter (it was Facebook and it was Mark's Picture apperently 🙂 )which prompted me and user altoid to look up the company. Your credit is properly placed and im a boob lol. Either way its super cool to know and I wouldn't be surprised if these important looking pirates were members here as well 🙂

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probably something about being a boob lol
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