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Vast amounts of unobtainable wealth (Found only in Hint Book!)


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Just for the hell of it I started messing with cleaning up the MI2 hint guide maps (all linked below). The most interesting one to me is the map of the Dinky tunnels, which features an additional room.


It amuses me that Guybrush was a literal foot away from falling into a room full of unobtainable wealth.

For the rest of the maps:

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All these illustrations are so dang good. I love these maps! Imagine how Mêlée Island would look drawn like this...


Interesting, on Scabb Island, there is no dock for Captain Dread's ship. There's just his house. Miscommunication or were the maps drawn super early in production?

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Yeah, it's well written. The end of the Monkey 2 hint book is quite chilling.


With the doll in one hand and the syringe in the other, I waited for LeChuck. The very instant he appeared before me, I used the syringe with the doll. The effect was immensely gratifying.


LeChuck was gone for good.


My parents were very much alive.


And life seemed as happy and carefree as a child's Sunday visit to an amusement park...


...at least for the moment.


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