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Different versions of Psychonauts

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Hi everyone, in anticipation of it's sequel I recently started replaying Psychonauts, and man, this game is great! I actually didn't pick this up until a couple of years ago on PS4 (it's a port of the PS2 version).

I don't often play games on my PC anymore, (because nowadays I work on my PC everyday, so I'd rather have a couch experience when I'm done working,) but apparently the PS2 version is seen as an inferior version.

I did notice several graphical shading errors, especially in in-game cutscenes, but other than that the game seems fine to me, and I enjoy it immensely.


Does anyone know what exactly differs between the PS2 version (and the PS4 port of that version) and the PC/XBox versions?

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I've heard there were lots of niggles with the PS2 version as well. I also picked it up and didn't notice anything hugely terrible. I don't know if they're more subtle (controls not being responsive, etc) or if they fixed things for the PS4 version. I'd also like to know the major differences. 

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