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Hi guys! 


As some of you who have me on Twitter know I have started a Twitch Channel  where I have done playthroughs of Maniac Mansion Deluxe and Zak McKracken FM-Towns so far.


I'm proud to say I have also launched my own Youtube Channel where you can currently see my MMD playthrough in digestible chunks, soon the Zak playthrough will be up as well.


In addition to the streams I am planning to do a series of specials dedicated to the individual titles focusing on differences between versions, development factiods, etc. I also hope to reach out to our communities experts in the individual titles to see what they would want to see in such a retrospective and whether or not they would like to collaborate :) First up will be Maniac Mansion. I'm taking my time with the specials because I want them to be something built by the community.


I dunno maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm super excited to make my love letters to these wonderful games. even if noone watches I know it's going to be a lot of fun to put these together 🙂

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Thanks Jake! after rereading the article about Mojos trip to Skywalker Ranch I am tempted to try to pick your brain for the maniac mansion episode 🙂 I would love to just step foot in that library 🙂


This definitely is something I'm learning as I go and I'm sure that shows 🙂 a lot has changed in editing since I learned on avid suite in film school 2001ish ha 🙂 so much to learn but it's a lot of fun 🙂


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