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Curse of Monkey Island - Cut characters: Father and Son Pirate


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Within the final act of Curse of Monkey Island, at the Big Whoop Carnival of the Damned, it appears that we almost had two additional characters to interact with. A "Father Pirate" and "Son Pirate". The Father Pirate was to be voiced by Denny Delk (Murray), and "Son Pirate" was to be voiced by Alexandra Boyd (Elaine).


I'm curious as to what silly interactions Guybrush could have had with these characters. It's amazing how well characterization is conveyed in these sketches. I feel the dad would be both pompous and dismissive of Guybrush, while the kid pirate looks like a unfortunate loser. I wonder where they could be placed if they were to be forced into the already slightly crowded scene where Guybrush meets Dinghy Dog. I wonder if these two could have been taking up the line for the Soda Jerk, so Guybrush would have to get them to leave.


As a bit of note, to me it appears that the embroidered names of Dad and Son on the hats are perfectly referencing the embroidered hats you can have made down in Disney World.


Father Son Piratre Sketches found near the end of the CMI Strategy Guide.


Father Son Pirate Voiced by (also, Denny Delk voiced "Skully"... who is that??)



I couldn't find information on these characters within the forums but maybe I didn't search strongly enough...



Also, while I may have the attention of Mojo-sites webmasters, is there a larger version of this image from the Curse of MI concept art gallery? Cutthroat Bill and Van Helgen have larger versions available, but Haggis does not.

Barbary Coast Pirates

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Given that they sketched the characters, I wonder if they were supposed to be interactive within the game. It would have been a nice callback when they reappeared over the credits... but it also made sense without having met them first, too. Although, that said, it's obviously supposed to be years later, so maybe they just cut the visual and left it as voiceover.


(Side note: And obviously the "frozen under the amusement park" is a reference to the urban legend that Walt Disney was frozen after this death.)

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Yeah, it's one of the more overt Disneyland nods in an installment that some might consider a bit light on that particular series staple. Though I guess the Big Whoop theme park in general counts for a lot. I'm also doubting this is coincidence:




It wouldn't surprise me if the Spider Monkey segment originally had more characters in it. The last act of CMI is where all the most brutal cuts were made when the budget ran dry.

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On 2/22/2021 at 10:41 AM, Scummbuddy said:

(also, Denny Delk voiced "Skully"... who is that??)

I always assumed "Skully" was the pirate who's head got knocked off in the beginning cutscene with LeChuck. 

You know, the "Aw, how romantic...Ship Ahoy!" guy. 



Looking at the full credits though, I find it interesting that he got a name, but Minnie Goodsoup and Charles De Goulash are just "Ghost Bride" and "Ghost Groom".

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@Udvarnoky    That's it. I totally had forgotten about that extra scene. Thank you for the reminder.


@FaNaTiC  You've got to be correct. Good point. And "Ghost Groom" and "Ghost Bride" are also the attributed names within the CMI Strategy Guide. Maybe those names are more memorable than if there were many "Goodsoups" listed within the credits.


I'm still hoping for a larger Haggis sketch though!


Barbary Pirates

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Ah, yes. I've heard stories. I can imagine someone (or their agent) getting upset if they're hired for "Mobster #4" but then they're suddenly credited as "Mafia Don". The agent would have negotiated a better rate if the role was more central or prestigious. So sticking to the contracted name makes sense to avoid upset.


Reminds me of a story I remember hearing somewhere: One of the writers on The Simpsons told it. Apparently certain underhanded animated shows would occasionally try to get an actor for two shows for the price of one. The actors are just recording lines, so they don't necessarily know where they fit into an episode. Obviously their fee would be higher if they were going to be used in multiple episodes.


So an agent called up The Simpsons one time after their client recorded some lines and complained, "You've obviously tried to sneak multiple episodes out of my client! There's no way they could be in [crazy situation 1] AND [completely different situation 2] in a single episode!" But The Simpsons was so crazy that it wasn't unusual to go from an elaborate story about stealing a Gummy Bear, to a story about sexual harassment... in the same episode :)



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