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Tales of Monkey Island for $1


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  • 2 months later...

We didn't front page it but it seems TMI is back on the Apple Store:




I think LCG Entertainment (that would be the holding company that assumes the Telltale name these days) had already restored the series to other digital platforms. We might have even covered it, who can remember.


I find it interesting that LCG secured the TMI assets and presumably negotiated a new licensing deal with Lucasfilm. I would have figured Lucasfilm would have swooped in ans bought the assets out (what could they have really sold for when Telltale got liquidated?), thus getting all five Monkey Island games under one roof. If some of the Sam & Max developers could band together and acquire those games, it would probably have amounted to pocket change Lucasfilm do something similar. But what do I know.


It's really great that LCG got Strong Bad, Wallace & Gromit and Puzzle Agent back in circulation. Those are gems.

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