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The Curse of Monkey Island WITHOUT SCUMMVM


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I have used SCUMMVM a lot over the years. It's brilliant that it exists. However I have never liked that it doesn't quite offer an accurate depiction of games since it replaces original game menus with its own. Also the graphical options are pretty limited and the ones that are there aren't great. So in recent years I have been running the old SCUMM games via DOSBox. They take a little more setting up, but the end result is easily worth it.


The problem is that The Curse of Monkey Island is a 16-bit Windows game, not MS-DOS. Which means that on a modern 64-bit machine I'm kinda forced to use SCUMMVM as far as I know. This is fine, but it has made me think that these old games shouldn't be reliant on one method of running them. Is there any way of running COMI without using SCUMMVM and without going to the trouble of running a virtual machine (which I believe is pretty useless for gaming anyway)? With some Windows games we're lucky enough to get patched EXEs or remastered versions (though of course we don't get the proper original experience with the latter).

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