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Indiana Jones 5

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I agree and understand the sentiment. I was merely using the news article you posted as a way to state my appreciation for the possibility of a new character. Then again, if I was Disney I'd spin this off and call it something else. Perhaps this is why they haven't yet released the film's title, I wonder.

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2 hours ago, Lagomorph01 said:

I don’t care if the follow up is male or female, I just don’t like a movie as a vessel to pass the torch. Just make a good movie, not a way to milk the franchise for another 30 years.


I feel you're being a bit sensitive to this. We have no idea what their plans are, and more importantly we have no idea what any new film might be like. Honestly it just sounds as though her character has worked really well in the new Indy and they're thinking of a spin-off just for her. If that spin-off is great, then what's the issue? I don't care where characters come from, or if they're part of a franchise. Marvel have made 20+ very enjoyable movies. Are they "milking a franchise" or are they making good films? 


Just look at The Matrix 4. Nobody was particularly excited until they saw the trailer. A good film is a good film. Let's just judge whatever comes on its own merit. Plus Phoebe Waller Bridge is amazing.


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Maybe I'm a bit more sceptical than you. It's kind of an ongoing irritation to me that Hollywood is just milking franchises dry to the bone. The magic of Hollywood to me is that new ideas were being tested and the most wonderful things came out of them. These days it just seems that they're trying to keep every cashcow from the 70's, 80's and 90's alive, while the ideas have long lost their freshness.

Disney is one of the worst offenders of this, in my opinion. I haven't been enthousiastic about Star Wars since the prequels came out, but somehow Disney managed to make the franchise even more fragmented and illogical, with zero respect for the original vision or characters. I get that the Marvel universe is awesome to some people, (at least they're doing something fresh with those franchises,) but even that formula is starting to get stale and unfollowable.


In short, I'm very sceptical of a new Indiana Jones film in general (especially without Spielberg and Lucas at the helm), and news of CGI de-aging and preparing characters for a spin-off are only making me feel more uneasy.


And Thunderpeel, you're right. I'm very sensitive about Indy. He's my #1 hero from when I was younger. I just don't want to see him dragged through the mud (again.) I'd rather have them let sleeping dogs lie.

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i am looking at the pictures and i begin to be very sad , its like they could do the 4 movie the fate of atlantis and to end it , why to bring to the 4 and  5 movies  the soviet , bring the true enemy of indy the Nazis .


but i am going to see it because i am fan of indy

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I know almost nothing about the new movie but they can’t really use the Nazis unless it’s in flashbacks can they?


The original movies were set not long before the end of WW2, and Crystal Skull was set in the 50s — long after the Nazis were a thing of the past. This movie is presumably set even more recently, i.e. 60s or 70s? So Nazis are off the table really.


I guess they could contrive some top secret Nazi group that lives on, but it really wouldn’t have the same gravitas as the actual German war machine at the height of its power dedicating resources to the supernatural.

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With regard to the involvements of Nazis...




The evidence points to the storyline taking place in the "present" of 1969, but that there will be a prologue sequence set during WWII. One thought is that Mads Mikkelsen plays an ex-Nazi who could be introduced in that prologue.

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