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Indiana Jones 5


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On topic: I kinda dislike how good the trailer feels. It gives me goosebumps seeing Indy on a new adventure again, and the setting looks fresh, inviting and very true to Indy. Harrison Ford at 80 is doing fan-tas-tic! I don’t know how he does it, but I believe every punch he throws and every action he’s in! Even de-aged Indy I think looks pretty good, even though I dislike the technique with a passion. The only thing that bothers me is the “clean” look the digital filming process gives it. It’s a huge difference compared to the 35mm film the original 3 films used.

All in all I’m still really sceptic about this film, but the trailer gives me good vibes.

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I wanted to clarify that while I hate the movie title (but maybe that'll change after seeing it) I am totally on board for another Indy film and have been loving Mangold dispelling rumors to the trolls even though they keep "looking deeper". I hope he doesn't become jaded from all of this.

I have been enjoying trying to make the connections to Fate of Atlantis but I'm going to try and enjoy this movie as it is. I would also see another movie with a different actor playing Indy. Too bad we lost River Phoenix too young.

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18 minutes ago, Jake said:

Excited for Indy to realize the final challenge - the titular Dial of Destiny - is a giant code wheel he must pass through before the big reveal: he’s inside a video game. 

What will his reaction be like? “Oh no, not yet.” or “I have a bad feeling about this.”? 🤔

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