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Chronology of LucasArts Adjacent or post LEC Titles

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Hi all,


As some may know I have been doing streaming playthroughs of the LEC adventure titles in Cronological order, well on Saturday I start Escape From Monkey Island which will cap off the list of LEC originals and I figured who better to ask if there is a chronological list of post LEC releases from devs who spread out to other companies than the guys that have followed and maintained a website about it for as long as I care to remember the internet?


I'm sure I could have written that question better lol.


We all know about telltale and doublefine and how they would figure into this list but other titles like Mata Hari and A Vampyre Story might get missed if not specifically mentioned.


Does a list like this exist already? if not should we make one? I know such a thing would make my life easier in trying to continue my adventure chronology and possibly others hoping to do the same.


It wouldn't even have to be adventure only really because it would be a shame to leave out excellent titles like insecticide and *gasp* psychonauts because they didn't fit a mold. distinctions like that could be made after at individual discretion.


What do you guys think? 

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This is something that should be in our games database, which has been a work in progress for a decade now. I imagine MobyGames has the release dates, but you'd have to go through every company, which can be a pain the arse for one-game companies such as Cranberry Production/Deck 13.

Personally, I'd like to see you try to come to grips with other LucasArts fare like Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. :)

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Delving further into other Lucasarts properties is definitely appealing as well although I would do it probably as a different series. I also do nightly "after dark" streams of indie adventures and random "off topic" streams that could be anything from Brütal Legend to a Castlevania game. A "LucasArts Archives Explored" series would be definitely cool and a worthy effort as well

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When you get to Insecticide, you will have to decide if you'll play the first half of the game on PC and then in order to play the second half you'll need to do a playthrough on the Gameboy 2/3DS. Or at least I believe Michael Levine at Crackpot released all of the PC 2nd half cutscenes at least.



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