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Just exactly how did Purple Tentacle take over?


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From the newspapers we see throughout DoTT it suggests Purple Tentacle was elected as Vice President and then somehow incapacitated the President. He then amends the US Constitution to make humans into slaves. He has also stolen a gem and then tricked everyone into thinking he'd actually found it. All of this takes place in the course of a couple of hours.


My question is how he is supposed to go forward from there. I very much doubt anyone's going to take what would be an illegal amendment in the first place very seriously. Would he not just be immediately impeached?


And yes I know I'm overthinking it...

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All of Purple Tentacle's ill-gotten achievements didn't occur during that same night that Bernard is pilfering the Edison Mansion. I think you are seeing newspapers through the 200 years as his plans continue, all the way up to the year that Laverne crash lands into the future.


We know it all started with a "Rash of Cow Tipping Baffles Police".

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