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Limited Run Games wish list

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Seeing as they've done Monkey Island, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Sam & Max*, it's clear that LRG is willing to put their licensing agreement with Lucasfilm to more use than re-releasing Star Wars games. Assuming the love for the boutique IP continues and considering LRG seems to emphasize console titles, what games from the LucasArts catalog do you most hope to get a novelty re-release?


As I've probably made clear several times, the NES version of Maniac Mansion is at the top of my list. A reprint of the N64 version of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (which was a Blockbuster-exclusive cartridge) would be a pretty cool idea as well. What's your pitch?


*Okay, admittedly Save the World is not a LucasArts game, but still.

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day of the tentacle - pins from all the characters , a cool t-shirt that say "my friends got the save the world from a purple tentacle and all i got was the shirt "  , a cool blanket or a little statue of the mummy that won the game  .


Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis- a real life and activate with light Atlantis horn statue with beads to activate it and a necklace too ,

a scary mask ,  mini disk of Atlantis,



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52 minutes ago, SGTflippy said:

day of the tentacle - pins from all the characters


You mean like these? (Laverne and Hoagie will follow soon)



I think the Indy games would offer the best chance for proper merch. A leather-bound grail diary, an actual grail-replica, the knight's shield rubbing (for LC), Nur-Ab-Sal necklace, horned statue, orichalcum sugar beads (mmh), stone disc replicas.

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What I'd really like to see are exact replicas of the old LucasArts boxes, packed with the same items and disks. I'd want them to be exactly identical to the originals, down to each millimetres of their dimensions, the printing and colour processes used and even, dare I say, the smell of the damn things. No extras, no changes. Just the same lovely boxes, all new and shrink wrapped. I'd take a second mortgage for that.

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