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ScummVM versus native interpreters


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6 hours ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:

Thanks for your work on this! And for your comments about reporting bugs. It used to be very disheartening when you’d report them, so I gave up back in the day. It does seem much better these days though. 

Question: Are the enhancements enabled by default? (I hope so!)

We have been pretty much active on SCUMM lately thanks to the fact that the number of maintainers for this engine has grown up to four/five concurrent devs, so please send your bug reports and don't be scared to do so!


Yes, the enhancements are on by default! :)

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Let's bring back this thread with an update on my end:

https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4033 This pull request adds support for the original GUI and menu for COMI.

I encourage those of you who are able to compile builds and have some spare time to test this and see if it works fine 🙂

After these changes are merged, my project is to proceed backwards from SCUMM v7 down to whichever version I can reasonably arrive to (so probably not v0 or v1).

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3 minutes ago, Udvarnoky said:

That DREAMM has apparently kicked off some sort of accuracy arms race in @AndywinXp's head is really the best possible outcome.

Thanks, I really appreciate that! 🙏


Yes! DREAMM, other than being a blessing in itself, is definitely the one spark which started this new "accuracy wave". 😛 So big thanks to Aaron for that!


But I'd like to point out that it's never just me: in these recent times a lot of people (old and new) have an active part within the SCUMM team (and some of them are here! @dwa@Torbjörn Andersson).


We've had (and still have) a lot of things going on, the implementation of old video modes, countless accuracy fixes for even the most small and almost unnoticeable things, the enhancements!!!, and so on. I'd say it's very exciting to be a SCUMM maintainer these days 😄

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