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LucasArts (& co.) trading


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Hi all!


I think there are a lot of great people with lots of great collections here. So I was thinking that it's maybe interesting to also have a trading group where we can offer things but also finding thing that we are looking for. 🙂


So let me start and throw the following things in here:




Curse of Monkey Island postcard



Escape from Monkey Island drinking coaster



Grim Fandango T-shirt



Escape from Monkey Island grog bottle



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Nice collection. I was lucky enough to get that postcard within the last year. It was a piece of merchandise/marketing for the game that I wasn't originally familiar with.


I'm planning on putting up some forum walkthroughs of some of the neat items I've acquired over the years when I begin to unpack from my move.

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I really love the artwork of Curse of Monkey Island - so the postcard was a great find for me. But I have it twice so I can offer one here. ^^

@ScummbuddyIf you find something you have twice post it here 🙂


Just found another rare item that I can offer you:



Outlaws handful of missions promo cd

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