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Kotor remake - are pigs flying?


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Anyone else excited to see what they do with this? Kotor is one of those games that I think holds up to this day, so it is exciting to see how it will be modernized.  Bummed about the timed release thing, but I'm hoping it finds its way to Xbox in my lifetime.  


Personally, I like the idea of these older games getting remade for a modern audience. (for me, the Monkey Island remakes made me fall in love with it!)





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I've been wanting to do another playthrough of the game (still playing as a saint). (Here's a fun article on playing evil when you wouldn't normally - https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-09-21-bastard-of-the-old-republic )(I believe Bioware released the stats of players (Mass Effect at least) and a good majority play good-ish over evil-ish).


What originally drew me into Kotor was when I was picking my player face of the 10 choices there was one that looked so much like me that I remember being floored at the similarities. Looking back now it's probably an over simplification of the similarities, mostly due to the resolution, but wow I was engrossed.


I'm looking forward to this release on PC or Xbox as well.

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