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Bad Brain's Wolfgang Kierdorf YouTube channel

Rum Rogers

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I don't know how I've ended up there, but the title pretty much says it all.

It looks like Mr. Kierdorf has once again stopped pretending to working on Bad Brain games and... went all-in on YouTube?
I wasn't sure initially, after all having boxed LEC Games is de facto standard for a German citizen. However, I doubt this applies to unreleased gems as "The Orgastic 4".


Here's a less scammy look from a shady, shady character that tried to enter the games industry from the back door. From better days it seems!

Well, the Bad Brain website is dead again, and I just found this stuff grotesque:


That's all I got, till next Wolfie mischief!

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Basically, this guy owned (or was one of the founders, I don't remember exactly) Bad Brain Entertainment, that German company that back in 2004 claimed a lot of promising things and (claimed they) had several graphic adventure games in production, with absolutely 0 concrete results eventually.
Jason summed it up pretty well in this Mojo post.
Please note the post is more than 5 years old, and in the meantime Bad Brain's website got shut down again and Mr. Kierdorf is focusing on that YouTube channel now.

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