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Sam and Max Statue Concept Art Just Sold On eBay


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You may or may not have noticed that some original Steve Purcell Sam and Max concept art went up for sale on eBay recently. Concept art for the lovely statue that was created many years back. Four images (each on 14"x11" paper) of our favorite dog and rabbity thing captured from different angles to be used with sculpting the duo in fabulous 3-D.


The art went up for a $4,000 price but sold within a day or two for an undisclosed "best offer price" by the undisclosed buyer.


But like the latest in NFT art, you can view the artwork right here! Right-clicking is encouraged.



Sam and Max Concept Art 4 shot



Sam and Max Concept Art A



For comparison: Sam and Max Final A



Sam and Max Concept Art B



For comparison: Sam and Max Final B




Sam and Max Concept Art C



Sam and Max Concept Art D



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