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The Missing Floppies


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I have started my own site covering AGI, SCI, and SCUMM games. It's called [https://www.missingfloppies.com]The Missing Floppies[/url], named after the mythical Leisure Suit Larry 4. It covers technical information and things I have personally discovered during the decompilation of Sierra and LucasArts games. With a proper decompilation in hand, I can conclusively confirm or bust myths regarding the games.


Since LucasHacks is gone, and SCIProgramming's admin has been absent for a year, I've been concerned about the future of the resources there (not so much with SCIProgramming, since SierraHelp's wikis have mirrored much of it). My site will serve as the go-to solution for said resources relating to AGI, SCI, and SCUMM tools.


I wonder what's the current status of SCUMMCompanion...

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