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Differences in the Amiga version of MI2

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On 5/21/2022 at 5:10 PM, Scummbuddy said:

What are Wally's unused lines?!


He'll ask you for help (with several lines) if you're down the stairs but haven't talked to him yet. It has even been dubbed in the Special Edition, although nothing triggers that script.



I think they just forgot to completely cut it (since Guybrush will still "discover" that it's Wally once you get closer to the cell, and his "lost" lines are pretty uninteresting), and the Special Edition just dubbed every line, even if unused. It also appears to use an earlier costume for Wally behind held there.


8 hours ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:

I remember offering the stick to Guybrush in the English Amiga version — never saw that bug?


Well, the palette bug was there in the Amiga dump from Limited Run Games. Maybe there was a later Amiga version which fixed it.

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