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Do you think Thimbleweed Park is the unofficial Maniac Mansion 3?


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Sometimes I wondered if Ron Gilbert wanted to make a sequel and settled on making a spiritual successor.


Maybe I'm just desperate for a 3rd game but it did at times feel like i was playing a 3rd Maniac Mansion.


I also have a theory that every Maniac Mansion game was going to change genres but still be connected to a mansion. 


MM - horror

DOTT - sci fi

Thimbleweed Park - Dectective mystery


I also think a 3rd maniac mansion game would have a different title like DOTT. 


So... Maniac Mansion: Thimbleweed Park?


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I definitely think that Thimbleweed Park was a way for Ron to work out some of his residual concepts from Maniac Mansion and the first two Monkey Island games, but I wouldn't say that I consider it a sequel. It certainly achieved its stated goal of feeling like a lost early LucasArts adventure game, at least for me personally. I really want to replay it, actually...

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Same, not a sequel, but a worthy successor. While DOTT was a different genre, it still kept a lot of original characters. TWP did not, not even with different names but similar roles, so it's enough for me to rule it out as a sequel. Will need to play it again, there's even my name and voice in that game!

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I so want to love TP. I think I made the mistake of playing the "easy" mode first, and by the time I got to the end I was so disenchanted I couldn't bring myself to go through it again and never played the "full" version. I tried and just couldn't bring myself to continue, beautiful looking though it is.

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