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Dall-E generated LucasArts look alikes

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I've tried the "LeChuck explaining" prompt with Dall-E 2.0 but sadly I can't share results because it returned photorealistic pirate dudes and it's currently forbidden to share photorealistic faces. All I can say is thanks @Marius for the idea because I'm laughing out loud at this shit!

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46 minutes ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:

This tool is really going to put all those Ghanan movie poster artists out of business!



This is actually the best thing I've seen in this thread. (The rest really freaks me out... like big time!)

Is that an 'official' Ghanan poster?

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3 hours ago, Rum Rogers said:

Is the top center one referring to a rubber chicken with a PULLEEY in the middle?


Well, no, it's a wreench with a pulleey in the middle.


Likewise in Return to Monkey Island, we'll have a rubbeer chickeen with a monkeey in the middle.

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Oh, I didn't notice there was an AI-related thread. 🙂


If you are curious, I made a bunch of pirate-themed DALL-E2 images.

Putting them here with the corresponding prompts would imply a giant copy-and-paste from the TWP forums, so I'll just link to the thread:




Here's an example:

Prompt: “Old pirate playing chess with a monkey outdoor, street photography.”





That thread contains also one of the funniest discussions I had with Guybrush (interpreted by GTP-3):



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