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Return to Monkey Island fan art, music, etc!


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It's a very good attempt at recreating Rex's line styles, but I'd love to see a version where they attempt to recreate his brush and shading styles, too, since he never really makes stuff that's just flat like that, everything has a little bit of texture to it.

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One of my pandemic efforts. I had a really good surge of creative energy back in 2020. But, alas, didn't finish much.


Back when I showed it around, one of the most common comments was "That's not Guybrush Threepwood!". I mean, I can't taylor the outcome that much to what's in my brain, but this one is coming pretty close to how I imagined high res Guybrush in the original The Secret of Monkey Island. Hope you guys like it ...


... because I have tons of that stuff back from 2020, especially Swordmaster sketches ... I have so, so many Swordmaster sketches ...


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  Oh man. While we are saddened by the ugly wave of hateful comments, here and there are beautiful, hopeful shines of love that give me so much joy and hope!


While haters rant, others create art. They make things. It's wonderful. 🥰



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It's true though, I love how a lot of the praise is accompanied by fan art and such.


In my cattier moments I wanna say 'hey, if the art is so bad then why do all the people who are most excited about it seem to be artists and game developers?'


Then I hover over the send button... don't press it, and instead press the close window button.


Ahem, anyway, carry on

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On 6/17/2022 at 4:14 PM, DM81 said:

Someone on reddit tried to redraw guybrush from pixel to vector and tried to recreate the style of Rex Crowle.

I've tried to add it to the new background and...for me it works great!

Original post here




while I appreciate Rex‘ vision of Guybrush, I can somehow connect more with YOUR version.


Great job 😀

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Hey all! Thanks for the support and viewing the "Live Action" trailer. Here's some shots of the scrap book. From page 8 onwards it was just interpretation based on the first 7. The book was made out of a art pad which was recovered with the pages aged.


I've also included the maps from Lechuck's Revenge.
































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8 hours ago, tmetic said:

I wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure story a few weeks ago in response to general negativity permeating certain online forums (not this one) after the first screenshots of the game were released. It features Stan, tunnels, Carla the Swords Master, more tunnels, Ron Gilbert, and seventeen half-empty cups of tea.


This is the intro:



This was so fun! I spent this morning trying to find all the jokes, but I don’t think I was succesful. This game is huge!

My favorite bits:

- The CodeWheel actually works!

- I can throw water at Stan forever.

- I laughed out loud that I was actually able to clean the cups.

- Oh, hi Carla. Ok bye!

- Best surprise: The hell-part was surprisingly effective. The thought of Return not existing this year was a chilling bummer to me. This year (like every other year) is extremely challenging, and it’s hard to avoid bad news overload. The Return of Monkey Island is a huge positivity boost that gives me so much strength and energy, that the thought of your “hell” made me even more grateful that we are here right now, having fun sharing our excitement for Monkey Island again.

Super cool game, thank you for making this!

P.S.: Can I find money for the grog machine?

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