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Introducing DREAMM 1.0 beta

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On 6/14/2022 at 12:59 AM, Serge said:

@s-island is correct - and indeed, in the Loom intro, min-jiffies is set to 0. Which is "as fast as possible".


You can see that the game speeds up, because the animated fires in the background speed up as well. (I wonder if that's why the animation was removed in the VGA talkie version.)


Edit: Oddly enough, it seems that (arguably) glitch was worked around in the non-interactive demos.

Edited by Torbjörn Andersson
Clarified which versions of Loom I meant.
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@Aaron Giles Hi Aaron. Thanks so much for this amazing program. So wonderful to have a flawless way to enjoy the games as they were released! I was wondering if you'd ever consider sharing your source on a platform like GitHub to allow other developers to assist with the development (eg. help the move to MacOS).


Can't wait to use this once it's supported by MacOS (even if it's just an SDL version).



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Ok, FM Towns support is ready enough to play with. Still a couple of rough edges and uncertainties, but we'll call it 1.0b4. If you have or know someone with a real FM Towns, please help connect me. Particularly unsure of the anemic music in MI2/Indy4.


Check out the 1.0b4 release here: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/


• Added FM Towns support for Zak/Loom/Monkey/Monkey2/Indy3/Indy4.
• Improved i386 emulator to support paging (needed for FMTowns).
• Added YM2612 and RF5C68 sound emulation (needed for FMTowns).
• Support IMA as a file extension for floppy images.
• Fix some cases where games would fail when writing save files.


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