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Details of Monkey Island

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As much as I love this series, and have done since I was 12, I do think, looking back, that I did probably overplay them back in the day. I played them a lot as a kid when I first discovered them (simultaneously as well, which was interesting!) and not only did I cheat all the way through the series after one difficult puzzle, but I printed off WorldOfMi’s “Easter eggs” pages for all of the games and made sure that I tried *all* of them! (I had a lot of free time in the 2000’s, okay!) Even Tales, I went back and replayed often very quickly. Because of this, I feel like I've discovered everything there is to discover, and I don’t really express much emotion when playing through the series anymore as they’re just second nature to me at this point, even with years between playthroughs as it’s been since 2010.


That being said… I didn’t know about the storekeeper stuff! Just tried it out and yeah, it’s great! I also only discovered fairly recently that you can get money for breath mints/the minutes from the Melee Island map pirates. Once in a while during a playthrough, there will be something new I discover, but I did most of that back discovery back in the day to be honest!


For these reasons, and also due to being older and just generally having less time, I’ll definitely take my time during the first ReMI playthrough, won’t cheat (barring the hint system if required) and replay it more sparingly over time to allow myself to have an emotional attachment to it for longer.

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The danger in following a walkthrough is that you miss all of the other little details.


I've probably written about my experience with Monkey 1 before, but here it is again: I fell in love with the game from the Amiga Power review of it... I just didn't have the RAM upgrade that allowed my Amiga to play it. I got myself a copy of the game from a friend (hey Ron absolved me from my childhood piracy when I backed Thimbleweed Park!) and waited with the disks until I eventually got the RAM required to play the game for my birthday, many months later (felt like a whole lifetime!).


When I finally got the RAM upgrade, it was time to put these mysterious disks in and see what the game was about. I loved it from the opening appearance of the LucasFilm logo. The music was incredible. I say through the entire thing and the game just kept on giving.


It was one of the few times in my life where my expectations didn't destroy the reality. The game was as good as, or even better than, I imagined. I felt someone had reached out directly to me, and my sensibilities. I adored it.


For some reason I thought the entire game was just on Melee Island. I thought when I got the ship from Stan that the final disk (#4) was going to be used for a big animation or something. I couldn't believe it when I actually got to go aboard and enjoy that fun little self-contained puzzle. It was a nice breather after the long time I spent on Melee... but LO! if I didn't then get to spend disk 4 walking around Monkey Island itself!


I honestly don't know why I was so surprised. I guess I was 12. But I loved it either way.

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I didn't see a thread that perfectly fit this in the first few pages, and it didn't seem worth opening a new one. But does anyone know off hand if the Steam versions of Tales of Monkey Island has the Earl Boen version of LeChuck in Chapter 1? I could dig out the disc to install I suppose, but I'm feeling lazy

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I'm pretty sure the PS3 version has Boen at the start. I kind of prefer the Harrington version though... it gave me a sense that LeChuck was sort of unraveling at the seams in Chapter 1, after all the years of deaths, resurrections, repeated transformations... Are you a zombie demon something right now? What's this monkey scheme even about? And then, at the end of Part 4 when Boen returns, it was like he was able to get straightened out with a "fresh" start again on the voodoo.

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Vaguely vaguely on the topic of details and versions and voices.


In the original MI2, when you "look" at something with no description, like a door or a rock, Guybrush will dynamically say "Nice door" or "Nice rock" or whatever it is. Easy to do with text, but a fun touch.


MI2SE didn't have Dominic record a voice line for every object in the game, so now whenever he looks at anything, he just goes "Nice!"


At first that bugged me a little, but the more it went on, the more I love it. I think there are at least a half dozen distinct readings of "Nice!" and they're all fun

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