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Sam & Max Hit the Road - Upscales


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4 hours ago, Laserschwert said:

Yeah, I've already played around with keying out the sky to reduce the texture there. But after all, they are still supposed to be paintings, so even the sky would have texture. Looking at the DOTT marker paintings, I've noticed that texture gets stronger the darker the color is - which makes sense, as the paper gets wetter, it roughens more. I'll incorporate that in my next version.


Until then, enjoy some aspect ratio-corrected screens with some hastily upscaled Sam & Max sprites (until someone more capable than me redraws them in HD).












OOOHHH I Hate!! The look of upscaled pixel art characters!! Pixel art is so precise and deliberate and these kind of smoothed up versions completely erase that... 

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Love them! I like the texture, too. It adds some life to the backgrounds.


As for the typography, the original artwork (in Rogue Leaders) gives clearer intention, but your tests really bring the whole thing to life!




Also I just found this website... loads of cut lines I never knew existed. Including a dead guy under the DeSoto...


Sam: That'll teach him to break our antenna



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Hi all, i saw these pictures and i got an instant goose flesh. Do we really expect a remaster of Sam & Max?

Or is it a privat only project? How we can support the builder so that we all can enjoy this experience?


Regards RD

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On 6/25/2022 at 11:43 PM, MusicallyInspired said:

Alas, that's reserved for SCI games via ScummVM-Ext for now.

I thought the developer of ScummVM-Ext had abandoned the project? I remember him saying something like that he was disappointed by the lack of interest of the community so it wasn't worth continuing. I was quite surprised because I couldn't be more excited by the prospect of someone finally supporting asset modding in ScummVM!

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Those upscaled Sam&Max backgrounds looks perfect in my opinion... 😮 


About the ScummVM and modding backgrounds... each engine has it's own trickery inside, so It would have to be added engine y engine, game by game... too much work :( Somewhere on the ScummVM forums I read something about they being more inclined to a realtime AI upscaler than to mod-packs... as with image pack you have to provide modified-copyrighted-material.... but hey, there are mod-packs for the music, doesn't it?


Anyway, although maybe, SCI games are far easier to mod, I was completely blown away by ScummVM-Ex project :)... I would love this kind of treatment for more games, specially other engines.


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