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Curse of MI Cloth Map is Real


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After the recent spectacular MixNMojo retrospective with Larry Ahern and Jonathan Ackley where among other things they mentioned that they had sealed CMI boxes from around the world, I reached out to them. I mentioned that it was likely the South Korean release of CMI has an actual cloth map within the box. There was one post about it over on the LucasArts Museum website of which the linked image is a dead link and I couldn't yet find my saved copy of the image on my old computer.


Never intimidated by a treasure hunt, Jonathan Ackley discovered this:



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I didn't know CMI received official Korean localization until today! The first 2 games were released there but they weren't localized. I looked up some korean playthroughs and it's pretty jarring. In particular, Elaine uses "polite speech" towards LeChuck and Guybrush, while Guybrush uses impolite speech towards Elaine. Because of casual Korean misogyny I guess.  (if you're not familiar with polite speech, it's a form of speech that exists in Korean and Japanese and maybe other languages as well, used towards elders, teachers, strangers, people you respect etc. I can't imagine Elaine using polite speech towards anyone, let alone Guybrush)

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