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Return to Monkey Island [SPOILER FREE]


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16 hours ago, Laserschwert said:

It'll be really difficult to build a proper album out of just in-game recordings. There's so much cross-fading going on - not only as variations in the same track, but also when new cues start playing. Short of an official release, we'll definitely need a music rip from the game files to construct a clean tracklist. I hope someone can come up with the necessary tool (the Thimbleweed Park tools don't work, I checked).

Thimbleweed Park tools didn't work for me, either.

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Although we are used to ripping out the soundtrack files in order to get at Monkey Island music because historically they have a SUPER bad record at releasing soundtracks for them, I actually think it could happen in this case, especially if we ask for it. I'd really like for it to happen at least



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1 hour ago, Remi said:

Makes it particularly hard for us Mojo professionals who may need to jump back and forth through the game in the name of journalism.



1 hour ago, AndywinXp said:

if you guys also try to ask Terror Toybox about it they might at least see that this is a real issue plaguing other people


Exactly. What's the point of having a Pulitzer if you don't use its prestige to become a spokesperson for people's needs?

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6 hours ago, Laserschwert said:

Well, if I'm not mistaken, you can even swap them out WHILE running the game. So in theory, you could just have a bunch of subfolders to move save-files in and out of. But sure, more pages on the save screen would make this much easier (and better).

Sure, but if someone has to get to that point I'd say that this is inherently a poor design choice 😛

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15 hours ago, Scummbuddy said:

Anyone else still here in "I haven't been able to play it yet" land?

I'm playing the game with my girlfriend and it's a busy time for us, so it's hard to find some time to play together stress free. Also we're taking our time with it, exploring, asking people everything, examining everything we can, trying different stuff even though we know it won't work but surely there must be some funny dialogue there etc... all this with the more dialogue option turned on.

With all that in mind, we've started the game one week ago and we just started part 2.

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