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📰 PLEASE READ: Spoiler Forum Guidelines

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Hey folks, here are a few guidelines for this forum:


  • Before starting a new thread, look to see if your comments could fit in an existing one! If not, feel free to start new threads!
  • Please tag your post appropriately! Every post will eventually be tagged as "return spoilers" but beyond that, try to add one tag for the latest part of the game you're discussing. The recommended tags are:
    • Early Game (for the prologue, menus, any very early content up through the start of part 1)
    • Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc (pick just one, for the farthest part of the game you're talking about)
    • Late Game (for any discussion that you want to have about the end of the game, the whole game, any post-game thoughts)
  • Please keep spoilers out of your thread titles.
  • And finally, remember that this is a SPOILER FORUM. By visiting it, you might be spoiled! You'll have no one to blame but yourself by coming in here at all.


⚠️ If you don't want to be here, you can ignore this forum by going back to the General Discussion area, and clicking "IGNORE." It will be hidden from search results until you stop ignoring it.

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