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🙈 Return to Monkey Island SPOILER policy!


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Update: It’s been a couple months and discussion has died down, so the spoiler forum has been closed and all Return to MI threads have been moved to General Discussion. 

Please continue to mark your threads as “return spoiler” and keep spoilers out of thread titles. Thanks! 



Return to Monkey Island is here! And with it come a few (temporary) rules for the forum:


We've set up a Return to Monkey Island Spoiler Subforum for any and all Return chat that is about the game contents. What that means is all Return to Monkey Island spoiler chat must live inside the spoiler subforum! If you want to have spoiler-free discussions you can keep doing it in the general forum, but anything that gets too spoilery will be tagged and moved!


Inside the spoiler forum we still ask you to keep your thread titles spoiler-free, and tag your threads as best you can for how far into the game they're discussing. But still, beware that by entering the spoiler forum, you're asking to be spoiled, and you probably will be! Enter at your own risk! Ye be warned!


You can hide the Spoiler Subforum if you want:


🙈 If you haven't played Return yet at all, and don't want the spoiler threads anywhere near you until you do, you can set that entire forum to "ignored," which will hide all of its threads from the forum, as well as hide them from the "new posts" search and activity feed. Just press the "Ignore" button next to the subforum.


🐵 If you're ready to see the posts, you can press the "Show" button on the Spoilers subforum at any time.

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