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The many things that happen at the end of the game (A Mixnmojo Guide)

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It turns out that the very end of Return gets pretty ragged and frayed; the different things you do in the final few scenes can tip the games conclusion and epilogue in many directions. Mojo has compiled all the ones they’ve found so far and it’s already a whopping ten variations. 

That article is a great writeup of what’s currently known about the different endings and epilogues including full video capture of all of them and how to get them. (Pour one out for the Mojo staffers who watched the entire credit sequence dozens of times to tease all these endings out and then verify how they are reached!)


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  • Jake changed the title to The many things that happen at the end of the game (A Mixnmojo Guide)
On 9/22/2022 at 5:41 PM, tmetic said:

I got the (e?) tickets ending. Note that the people on the blue cards are keyholes, whereas the pink one is the Lucas Arts logo (I think?).


I guess it's two adult tickets and a child's ticket? Because Guybrush and Elaine had to take Boybrush to the park after telling him about it? Cute. 

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I appreciate the effort the person that captured those videos went through, thanks!

But I also wanted to see the stingers in-game, and I don't have the patience to sit through the credits every time.

Luckily I was looking for an excuse to use my MonkeyPack program for something useful, and I found the credit files.


So I hereby present a mod that shortens the credits to just a few seconds. Since I feel guilty about removing all the names, this mod makes the credits instead show a reminder to only use the mod to see the stingers, and not all the time, because a lot of people worked very hard on the game, and they deserve their names listed.

It should work for all included languages too, though my reminder message is in English for all of them.


Just place the attached file in the 'Return To Monkey Island' game folder (which can be found on Steam by right-clicking the game, going to 'Manage', and clicking 'Browse local files'). It doesn't override any existing files, and the mod can be removed by simply deleting the file again.


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